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Alternative Approaches to Cancer


Life Coaching to Breathe New Hope & Confidence

into the Patient or Caregiver

Meet Diane Bishop Hussey

Registered Natural Health Practitioner

Diane Bishop Hussey—a registered natural health practitioner, life coach, author, and speaker—is on a mission to raise awareness of the many facets of cancer, including holistic, nature-based cancer prevention and alternative solutions.


Diane has been involved with natural health since 2009.  In addition, she is an ordained chaplain with an associate’s degree in ministry. If you’d like for prayer to be an opening or closing part of your sessions, simply make the request of Diane, and take confidence in knowing that she is a prayer warrior.

Meet Diane
Why Alternative Approaches to Cancer?

Why Alternative Approaches to Cancer?

They can help with

Reduced Stress

A cancer diagnosis comes with countless unknowns. It’s overwhelming on so many levels. And often most unnerving is that the word itself can feel like one’s fate has been pronounced.


However, cancer doesn’t have to be a sentence. Not at all. There are other options, methods of holistic, alternative approaches, with high rates of not only survival, but also total and lasting recovery from cancer.

Strengthened Immune System

Chemo kills cancer cells, but it also destroys healthy cells as well as the immune system. Even fifteen years ago, in Japan, the most successful treatment showed that protecting and stimulating a patient’s immune system destroyed cancer tumors naturally.

No Negative Side Effects

In contrast to conventional (pharmaceutical) medicine, natural health works to harness our body’s own healing ability, using a wide variety of therapies: nutrition, herbs, water, air, essential oils, massage, acupuncture, and electro-medicine, to name a few—all virtually free of negative side effects.

Renewed Energy and Hope

​Attention to mental and emotional health can also help us keep our bodies and immune systems healthy, making us less susceptible to disease. Thus, Diane Hussey provides life coaching as a key part of her natural health services.


“I am a two-time breast cancer survivor who endured chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries. 


When I met Diane, my focus was changing as I was trying to stay healthy through nutrition and natural health options. Diane has educated, helped, and inspired me while bringing me to a higher level of peace, wisdom, and faith.”

— Angela Larson

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